Searching for upholstery?

While searching for new upholstery for our (Artifort) living room couch I came across the website of MEG O’HALLORAN DESIGN. Boy do they have beautiful fabrics …

And not only fabrics, MEG O’HALLORAN DESIGN is a collaborative design-make studio specializing in modern furniture, carpets, and upholstery fabrics.

Leading lady Meghan O’Halloran was trained as an architect at Cornell University in Ithaca NY and this is what she says about her work:

 “How do we work? Hands On. We like to make paper models, draw sketches, and build things. Not everything comes from a computer, and not everything comes without it. We seek balance in our designs. Traditional in some regards, and unexpectedly modern in others.”

MEG O’HALLORAN DESIGN has a beautiful website and also a shop

Ps What type of Artifort do you think we have in our living room?