Scandinavian design

Once up on a time we lived in the United States of America.
To be more precise we lived in the middle of nowhere in a tiny little place called Watkinsville, Georgia.

Just like now we had our own Atelier and made our own line of handmade jewelry. We sold through galleries and did many (juried) Art Fairs.

On those Art Fairs we met many people and received lots of compliments and comments about our jewelry. The most common reaction we heard was; “ your jewelry looks so very Scandinavian” … and I always had the feeling people had to get used to the clean lines of our jewelry.

The brooch Confetti, with its clean lines by Atelier The Jewelry Story

I had to think about those comments when I read that Finnish textile and clothing design house Marimekko opens another flagship store in October 2011 in New York.  And …they plan to open 18 more new Marimekko shops in major cities by the end of the year 2013.

So by now Americans must be used to those clean Scandinavian lines …

Did you know it was Jacky Kennedy who back in the sixties put this brand on the map when she bought 8 cotton Marimekko dresses?