Porcelain jewelry an exhibition at the Coda Museum


Contemporary ceramic jewellery by nineteen international artists. Until March 24, 2013 at the Coda Museum Apeldoorn, The Netherlands.

Porcelain and jewelry a wonderful combination, the possibilities are endless …
Porcelein is a material I really like to work with some day … well who knows … Why is porcelain an an attractive material you ask? Porcelain can be modeled or casted in a mold; either separately or combined with metal, wood or stone.

Evert Nijland 

Porcelein necklace, Evert Nijland

Moreover, it can be manipulated to create a wide variety in color and texture.

Shu-lin Wu

Delft Blue earrings Shu-lin Wu

Flexible and pure, fragile yet also highly resistant …

Peter Hoogenboom

Porcelain jewelry Peter Hoogenboom

… porcelain can adapt to any form if you use the right technique.

Willemijn de Greef

Necklace made of rope and porcelain Willemijn de Greef

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