Out of Fashion, a project

13 Threads invited us to participate in the project Out of Fashion. It’s a project by three young photographers ‘ who share an interest in fashion as a form of art, craft and communication.’

Each of them approaches the subject from a different point of view. Questions about identity, memory and portrayal of women are raised, as well as discussion about the ethics of over consumption of fashion and its consequences on our lives and on the environment.

Once upon a time …

This is the only old “out of fashion” garment I have saved over the years …

embroidered red skirt

It’s a skirt with a lovely story to tell …

I was wearing this skirt when I met my husband for the first time!

To make the picture complete … I was barefoot and wore a white see-through blouse …

detail embroidery in red skirt

Through her project The Memory of My Wardrobe, Ida Taavitsainen looks at ‘fashion and the fashion system as something more than just a superficial act of consuming.’

Out of Fashion magazine will be published in London and Helsinki and an exhibition showcasing this work will be held at the Myymala2 Gallery Helsinki later this year.

Thank you Lois this is a grand idea!

If you also feel like participating, please send Lois a link to your blog post (or your photo and story) as she would love to share.