Open House!

Yesterday afternoon Jan and I went to visit Dinie Boogaart, a painter in Nijega, The Netherlands. Dini is one of the exhibitors at our Open House, which is going to be March 26 and 27. So we were at Dinie’s Gallery to look at her beautiful paintings and point out the ones we would like to have for the exhibition in our home.

In a few days, the paintings will be delivered and we can start setting up the exhibition. Now that will be really fun to do!

Dinie Boogaart is a realistic painter. Color, light and clair-obscur are the main defining elements in the paintings of Dinie. Among other things she is known for her beautiful Frisian landscapes.

On Saturday 26 and Sunday, March 27 from 11.00 -18.00 hours we change our home in an elegant exhibition space.
Those days we open our home to anyone who likes to be surprised by art and jewelry.

New Pin by Jan Kerkstra

Jan and I show our latest jewelry, Dinie Boogaart her paintings and artist Peter Hiemstra “tells stories” with its colorful and often humorous ceramic sculptures.

Sculpture by Peter Hiemstra

Anyone who likes to be surprised by art and jewelry is welcome. For more information please click here.