On Sunday …

What are we doing today you wonder?

Making tables for our upcoming SPRING PRESENTATION.
Always a challenge, to come up with something new to show of our jewelry!

Solid oak boards

We bought 2 thick oak planks, planed them smooth and put oil on them. As I write this Jan is making the legs underneath the table. In these pictures, it all seems like it will come to nothing but wait and you’ll see how beautiful the tables will become.

thick solid oak planks

This year our Spring Presentation, will be at Galerie Terbeek in Beetsterzwaag, The Netherlands. Jan and I will show our latest jewelry on the weekend of april 21-22 and of april 28-29, 2012. (Jan and I will be present)

New this year is our series “Big Brooches”.

Brooch wood silver Origin

Brooches, often in geometric shapes made in silver in combination with different types of wood. Would you like to come to our exhibition and see our latest jewelry? Sign up here and we will invite you!

While writing this …
The Jewelry Story Spring Presentation