Now that Pierrot the titanium necklace is finished, it is time for a small break

The new necklace that we have been working on in the past week is finished and we named it PIERROT!
You can read about the work process here and here. It has become as pretty as a fairy tale if I may say so.
For more pictures and info about this necklace go to: Titanium Necklace Pierrot.

Jan and I are going away for a few days. We descend to the south and go via the Sculpture Gallery De Depot in Wageningen, where we not only go to see the beautiful sculptures , but also to have lunch in the lovely museum restaurant …


… to Middelburg to stay for the night and who knows to eat Zeeuwse mussels and then to the city of Lille.

museum Lille

Where we among other things going to visit the Lille Métropole Museum of Modern. We will probably also visit the old town with all its small shops!

Atelier closed!
We were in luck the house sitters had time to look after our house and animals, so the dog’s stay at home, they hate visits to cities anyway. Our atelier opens up again on Thursday, May 1st. (We are back before that.)

You can reach us at: See you in a couple of days!