Modern Ceramics

A few years back I bought a very attractive small red bowl of  Susan Nemeth.
(it looks a bit like the red bowl in the picture) After all those years I am still very happy with my choice and I think that is because her work has a timeless quality about it.Susan Nemeth 7

Susan Nemeth was born in Australia and now lives in London. She is a designer and maker of handmade porcelain vases, bowls and decorative platters. Susan’s work is an unusual mixture of slabs and inlays in fine pastel colors.Susan nemeth 4

All her pieces are one of a kind. Historical textiles and wallpapers influence her current work. Sometimes her patterns are inspired by the backgrounds or details of paintings by Henri Matisse, Paul Klee, Ben Nicholson, Eva Hesse and others. Her work is found in collections across Europe and beyond.Susan nemeth 2
She is a member of, listed and recognized by the Craft Ceramics Association
and The Craft Council of England.

A little late, I know it is already Saterday, but still…I wish you all a very nice and coozy weekend!