Meeting in real life!

What made our Open House very special was the amazing weather, the beautiful work of the artists, all the lovely visitors, the compliments we received about our jewelry and last but not unimportant; we made quite a few sales….

Thanks everyone of you for visiting and all your kind words! Oh … and yes we both forgot to make pictures….

Very extraordinary indeed were the visitors who I until now only knew through Internet and who came all the way to meet in real life!

Pauline who I got to know better through her interesting art blog, Claudia from Sassafras Design who I met through Flickr and than can you believe this … Lois from 13Threads who came all the way from Edinburgh, looking striking in her own handmade clothing. Now how very privileged is that? Thank you so much it felt great!

On to something completely different altogether…
A while ago I came across these remarkable medical orthopedic attachments which, in my opinion are a pretty amazing inovation …

Bespoke prosthetics is a beautiful example of new technologies that allow us to rethink the dehumanizing mass production and return once again to a guild process, where a product can be created for an individual unique tot hem alone.

Bespoke resulted from a collaboration between an industrial designer; Scott Summit and Dr. Ken Trauner, an orthopedic surgeon