Meanwhile in our Atelier … beads

Suddenly I felt like working with beads again …

Every year Jan and I go to Idar Oberstein in Germany to visit an insane large gems trade fair. At this international fair traders from all over the world show their gemstones and beads. We always try to only buy those beads and stones we really need. But most of the time it doesn’t work out that way and we end up with lots more beads as we actually needed. These beads lie on the bench or in a drawer patiently waiting for things to come. In the last weeks my iventory of beads has quite shrunk.

This is just a small preview … later more images …

Necklace made ​​with large yellow African seeds, agate, bamboo, red and black coral and black onyx.

necklace made with big yellow beads

The handmade silver clasp is a new design.

handmade silver closure

Design by Marion Pannekoek for Atelier The Jewelry Story. More info about this necklace in our shop

yellow beads necklace

And a necklace made with beads of very light green chrysopraas and red coral.

green bead necklace