Making new jewelry!

Usually around this time of the year I am always busy making the garden and our yard “summer ready”. Not this year, because it is way too cold and the ground is still frozen. The birds pretend this is not true and continue to sing their song to attract each other, but the wood stove is still burning in our house.

It’s actually a good thing because Jan and I are very busy in our atelier. This year we present our jewelry in various locations, including at SIERAAD in the Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam and in the Gallery of BEELDEN in GEES. So we are very busy making new jewelry making! Wonderful!

For a long time I didn’t work with beads but recently I felt like make necklaces with beads again, here is the first one. BLUE and RED.  A 67cm. long necklace, it hangs just above the bosom.

Big Blue and Red bead necklace

Brooch FERN. A fairly large silver brooch inlaid with walnut.

Big silver brooch by Jan Kerkstra

Brooch FERN. This one is smaller, is mirrored to the brooch above and Jan used rose wood as an inlay. Design Jan Kerkstra for Atelier The Jewelry Story

rose wood big silver broche

Interested or have any questions about our jewelry? Email me at this address.

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