Lovely handmade clothing and a great cookbook!

It was through 13Threads that I heard of the Under the Walnut Tree cookbook. Because not only does Lois design beautiful clothing …

… did you see her latest dress

13Threads lime green dress

…or this great hat

13Threads hat Harris tweet

… she also is a great cook with an interest in everything that is written about (healthy) food. Despite her busy live she manages to keep track of the latest cookbooks. Thanks to her I am always up to date …

cookbook Under the walnut tree

Under the Walnut Tree is an inspiring cookbook by mother and daughter team, Anna and Fanny Bergenstrom. The recipes are organised by ingredient, such as avocados, leafy greens, horseradish, citrus, nuts, cardamom, mango, ginger, chillies, chocolate and vanilla. The writing is easy to grasp and recipes extremely approachable.