Join us at the artshow!

A little more patience please the new pendants are finally finished but I have no photos to show yet.

There was some serious delay because Jan sharpened our kitchen knives …  and as Jan sharpens the knives … well, I cut my fingers twice and was unable to work for a day. Another thing was that the stringing of the tiny beads took a lot of time because some holes in the beads were too small … very frustrating! Tomorrow we have a photo shoot planned because Jan designed a beautiful ring this week that needs to be photographed too.

Did I already tell you about our jewelry presentation next weekend at Kunst op Nienoord? Along with 40 other artists and designers Jan and I participate in this art show on November 24 and 25, 2012 at the Rijtuig Museum near Borg Nienoord in Leek, The Netherlands. There are paintings, sculptures, ceramics, felt work and jewelry. You are very welcome!
For more info: Kunst op Nienoord

These magnificent Mondrian bracelets sold last week (over the internet)! It is a design by my partner Jan Kerkstra for Atelier The Jewelry Story.

Aluminium bracelets acrylics Jan Kerkstra