Home again!

Our jewelry pieces are unpacked, the laundry is done, the animals are very happy we are home again, so in short, we are back from our jewelry presentation at Meesterlijk. The four days brought us lots of visitors, nice fellow exhibitors with beautiful products and delicious food of the Neighborhood Food Market.

Luckily we had some sales and my long necklace HIP is ordered in different lengths! We also got lots of compliments and an invitation to exhibit our jewelry in a beautiful location. All in all a good harvest wouldn’t you say?

Our booth at Meesterlijk. Jan my partner wears his favorite brooch PEPER en ZOUT

Booth of Atelier The Jewelry Story

Most visitors who came to our booth were new to us but many friends and customers from across the country also came to say hello. Thank you so much we really appreciated it! Finally, there were also a few women that came to see our jewelry and us because they have been reading my blog for years, others that I knew from Facebook and also fellow blogger Erica Hoogenbirk came by.

Atelier The Jewelry Story

Saturday afternoon Linda Ezerman,, a fellow jewelry maker came to take my place at the booth. That way I had time for a special visitor who had come from Scotland to visit us …. Lois of the online shop 13Threads! with the beautiful handmade clothing she makes!

Here Lois wears her own creations, a beautiful dress and a wool tweed jacket together with our long necklace HIP

13Threads handmade cloting wearing long necklace Hip

Linda thank you so very much for taking care of our booth!
The photos of our booth are by Linda, because ours weren’t any good.