Fisherman’s poufs by Claire-Anne o’Brien

Really …  what great POUFS!

Olann is a new collection of hand knitted wool furniture by Irish textile designer Claire-Anne o’Brien.

claire-anne o’brien knitted yellow pouf

Taking influences from traditional Ireland, where fishing and knitting were at the heart of village life, the project’s patterns are based on familiar elements such as Aran jumpers, fishing knots and willow baskets, re-imagined as a contemporary language of craft.

claire-anne o’brien knitted chair

The designs explore scale and construction using the unique properties of knitting applied to simple furniture forms such as a bench, an ottoman and a chair.

claire-anne o’brien ottoman

Each piece is conceived by a team of skilled homeworkers that keep production local and the cottage industry tradition alive.

Olann is made from British wool, where natural materials such as coconut fibers, unspun wool and duck feathers have been used in place of more common upholstery materials such as polyester fillings and foam.