Elementary shapes

From October 20 to January 13, 2013, Jewelry exhibition of artists Anneke Schat and Cees Post  in the CODA Museum in Apeldoorn, The Netherlands

Today I like to inform you about an exhibition of two Dutch jewelry makers; Anneke Schat and Cees Post. Both artists are seventy years old and still very active!

I am a great admirer of Cees Post his work and know him personally because we both participated for many years in the Sieraad Art Fair. Each year at the sight of his new pieces, it was a mystery to me how Cees time and again succeeded in finding completly new ways within his chosen theme of the square, the rectangle and triangle.

Big silver brooch bt Cees Post

Cees Post attended the School for gold and silversmiths in Schoonhoven and studied at the Vrije Academie in The Hague, The Netherlands. His jewelry are strongly two-dimensional and restrained in shape with sleek, angular lines and a great simplicity of composition.

Cees Post brooch

Cees has always been fascinated by the elementary shapes of the world of architecture: particularly by the square, but also the rectangle and the triangle. His work is therefore highly appreciated by architects.

Geometric cees post brooch

His brooches and rings are made of striped patterns of light and dark, which are repeated in mirror image. Cees works mainly with silver, but, where necessary, he uses matted gold as an accent. By blackening elements, he increases the effect of light and dark.

cees post geometric brooch

More info about Cees Post here, (sorry Dutch only) More info about the jewelry exhibition in the Coda Museum here.