Doing business the alternative way

A little while back Montserrat Lacomba presented her new series of brooches called Written Words . From the start I had an eye on this beautiful Pendeion’s Words brooch.

Brooch made of silver copper and paint

Recently I contacted Montserrat to ask if the brooch still was for sale and told her that I really liked the piece. I was happily surprised when she told me she would also like to have a brooch of me, from our series Big Brooches, so we decided to do an exchange!

This is the choice Montserrat made, our Watch your Mail brooch.

Big brooch made of rosewood, silver and gold

Isn’t that a very neat way of doing business? And her brooch is even more beautiful in real life as in the picture. Thanks Montserrat!

I like to tell you a bit more about Montserrat …

Montserrat is a jeweler and has been working with different materials such as silver, copper, enamels, fabric and resin. She also keeps a very interesting and informative blog called Mar de Color Rosa, a blog focused on the compilation and sharing of information about contemporary jewelry. Montserrat is a woman with an interesting life, in the winter she lives and works in Gerona, Catalonia and in the summer months she moves to Formentera, Balearic Islands (Spain) where you can find her  at La Mola Artisanal Market selling her work.

Just in case you don’t like beautiful islands with lots of sunshine; you can also visit Montserrat’s online shop.