Contemporary jewelry at Gallery Hoogenbosch

Gallery Hoogenbosch expands with a department of contemporary jewelry.

In addition to contemporary art and ethnographic objects from Southeast Asia, Gallery Hoogenbosch in Gorredijk, The Netherlands will offer contemporary jewelry starting
August 26, 2012.

From now on Dutch designers, both national and international renown, show and sell their jewelry in the Gallery.

On August 26, 2012, Atelier The Jewelry Story takes part in the group exhibition with which the new department of contemporary jewelery officially will be opened. Other participants are: Maria Hees, Nel Linsen, Jacomijn van der Donk, Jet Mous, Peggy Bannenberg and Leen Heyne.

Jacomijn van der Donk, ring

Jacomijn van der Donc ring

Brooch Knock on Wood by Marion Pannekoek, Atelier The Jewelry Story

Big oval wooden brooch cedar Marion Pannekoek

Nel Linssen paper bracelet.

Paper bracelet Nel Linssen

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