Contemporary basketry

I’ve always had a soft spot for contemporary handmade baskets. Recently I came across this cute little baskets …

Vintage baskets

These baskets were made by the Wounaan and Embera tribes from the Darien province in Panama. They are hand weaved using a variety of reeds and palm fibers found in the rainforest. These tiny, vintage, baskets were restrung with a fine, leather cord. For sale here.

Another fun site I discovered is by a group of contemporary basket makers. The baskets of Maggie Smith are beautiful …

Contemporary basket Maggie Smith Willow exploration

This is what maggie tells us about her work “Inspiration for my work comes from the natural world and the materials around me.”

Maggie Smith Willow exploration

“Many of my works start from a found object, which I build a form around, often using materials from the same location.”

Detail of one of her works.

Detail van basket Maggie Smith

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