Colorful and austere jewelery

Are colorful and austere words that go together? In the case of the jewelery of Ingeborg Vandamme, I think both words are certainly applicable. And what a wonderful mix of materials and techniques Ingeborg uses in her jewelry.

Ingeborg Vandamme lives and works in Amsterdam. In Tilburg she attended the teacher training handicrafts and textile arts. Here she learned a variety of techniques and developed her love for materials.

Ingeborg Vandamme necklace

She then went to the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam where Ingeborg decided to go further in precious metals.

Ingeborg Vandamme necklace

Until March 14, 2012, the work of Ingeborg Vandamme can be seen at Gallery Beeld en Aambeeld in Enschede, The Netherlands

Her work is for sale at the boutique of Cecile van Eeden in Eindhoven, The Netherlands