Canoe trip in Giethoorn and a new Vliegende Schotel ring with amethyst

A few days ago Jan and I went on a canoe trip in Giethoorn, The Netherlands.

met de kanoo in Giethoorn

Giethoorn is a village in the Dutch province of Overijssel. The village has 2620 inhabitants and is famous for its bridges, waterways and punters. Giethoorn is as good as car free. Sometimes it is called the “Dutch Venice ‘.

huis met rieten dak

The excavating of peat created ponds and lakes. In order to transport the turf they dug canals and ditches. Many houses are as it were built on islands, which are only accessible by bridges. Giethoorn has 176 bridges, most of which are privately owned.

Giethoorn kanoo

The only land connection is through a bicycle / footpath that runs straight through the village, the main traffic takes place on the water. For this, often punters are used, propelled by a punter tree, like the gondolas in the real Venice.

It was deliciously quiet and very relaxing to see all the beauty slide by  … it is a whole lot different on the weekend, sometimes it is so busy you can hardly sail!

Grote ring in zilver Vliegende Schotel met amethyst

We also worked this past week and Jan has made among other things this ​​silver ring with amethyst. The ring is part of our series Vliegende Schotel Ringen.

Do you like to know more about this ring? Click on: Large ring in silver with a deep purple amethyst.