Back to work!

Our Bed and Breakfast was located in this beautiful hillside near Maastricht.

restaurant o

We had three nice days in Castle Gronsveld. We set up our booth on Friday and Saturday and Sunday, the visitors came to admire the jewelry. It was as always intense, exciting but also quite fun.

Both nights we had a delicious dinner in Maastricht. In the photo you see Restaurant O. The food, the atmosphere, the service, all of it was very special.

Atelier Jan Kerkstra en Marion Pannekoek

It was very difficult to take good pictures. This time even more so because of the pink color of the wallpaper. So no pretty pictures but hopefully it gives you an impression of the atmosphere.

Sieraden in kasteel Gronsveld

I was actually quite glad our jewelry was not located under this “attention-grabbing” chandelier!

zilver solderen

A warm thank you to the friends and customers who came to visit us at Castle Gronsveld.

Now back to work!