An impression of our jewelry exposition

Today I like to show you some pictures of our jewelry exposition last weekend in Museum De Buitenplaats in Eelde The Netherlands. It was a great weekend with many visitors. The weather did not cooperate and especially on Saturday it rained and rained and people had to wade through large puddles of water to reach us.

But despite the bad weather we had a high turnout and luckily on Sunday so now and then the sun came out to shine a beautiful light on our jewelry .

The Orangery, the space we had at our disposal to expose our jewelry, has …
to say the least, quite a baroque interior.

Marion Pannekoek at her jewelry exposition

To give a little counteract to this we displayed our jewelry in sleek modern white tableware.

Jewelry ehibition at Museum De Buitenplaats

Yes … indeed this is our own tableware …

jewelry exposition Atelier The Jewelry Story

Visitors could reach us through the beautiful garden of the Museum …

The garden at Museum De Buitenplaats Eelde

People could not only enjoy our jewelry …

Oranjerie Museum De Buitenplaats

… but also visit the museum and the beautiful sculpture garden …

Sculpture garden Museum De Buitenplaats

It was a beautiful weekend!