An impression of our jewelry at Kunst op Nienoord

Hope you all had a nice weekend? Me too thank you very much … a little tired but satisfied …
The last 2 days we showed our jewelry at Kunst op Nienoord, a nice little art fair in Leek, The Netherlands. Many visitors, many compliments and fortunately we also sold a few pieces.
Now it’s time for a small break and I have to clear away the mess in the yard, yesterday here in Friesland we had a western storm of wind force 11! All the leaves are blown away, that is a bonus, but all the broken branches lie all over the place.

Our jewelry at Kunst op Nienoord, a small impression.

Kunst op Nienoord

Nice view don’t you agree?

Marion Pannekoek at the art fair

This time we had devised a simple set up exclusively made of paper and cardboard.

Nienoord jewelry 2012