Amazing embroidery

Not only makes Lois of 13Threads the most handsome clothing but she also finds time to discover surprising artists and finds for her blog.
Thanks to her I came across the embroidery works of Jazmin Berakha.

Here Lois models one of her beautiful creations and I like to point out that she is wearing one of our necklaces from the series “Hip To Be Square”

On to Buenos Aires based Jazmin Berakha. She is a visual artist; Jazmin works
in a wide formation of disciplines; film, theatre, music,using different supports such as illustration, embroidery, graphic and costume design.

In these works Jazmin Berakha could easily tell their stories in pencil or paint but instead choose the much more pain-staking, time-consuming path of embroidery. I find her work amazingly,bespecially the graphic aspect really appeals to me.