Alexander Calder’s jewelry


Through 28 mei 2012, Gemeente Museum The Hague, The Netherlands. Click here for more info.

Jan and I are planning on going to visit this exhibition. It’s a large overview of his work, mostly his mobiles and sculptures. I am looking forward to it, I think his work is very inspring.

American-born artist Alexander Calder (1898–1976) is celebrated for his mobiles, stabiles, paintings, objets d’art and jewelry. Did you know that Alexander Calder began making jewelry for his sister’s dolls at age 6?

Here is Anjelica Huston wearing a Calder necklace in 1976 (The Jealous Husband made from brass wire, c. 1940, collection Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Anjelica Huston wearing Calders big brass necklace

During his lifetime Calder  produced 1,800 works of jewelry; each one unique, designed by him and made by his own hands. Jewelry made of brass, silver, and gold body ornaments, often embellished with found objects such as beach glass, ceramic shards, and wood.

Georgia O’ Keeffe wearing a Calders brooch in 1940

Georgia O'Keeffe wearing a Calder brooch 1940

Many of his jewelry pieces were made as personal gifts for the artist’s family and friends.

Eszter Haraszty a textile designer, wearing a necklace made by Alexander Calder in 1940

Eszter Haraszty wearing a necklace by Alexander Calder

Even if he had made nothing else—even if he hadn’t invented wire sculpture, the mobile, performance art—we would look at this body of work as truly remarkable. He would be famous as a studio art jeweler.

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