A slate wall and inspiration

Remember this photo I used in this previous post?

In Belgium and French, en route on our holiday we saw many more of those walls. The walls sometimes have fantastic patterns and are mostly made of slate, although I think the blue tiles are made of copper.

I think it was Erica Hogenbirk, who pointed out to me that the blue wall was probably somewhere in Belgium. So she was right about that! By the way; Erica is a Dutch knitwear designer and makes wonderful products of wool and other materials. Please take a look in her Etsy shop.

On to the walls again… In the previous post with the photo of the blue wall I told you about my inspiration and that I was pretty sure that one day the Blue wall photo would become a brooch.

And here they are…made of cherry wood, silver and copper.

and one made of ebony, silver and copper rivets…

Soon they will be placed in our online store .

Photo of slate tiles by: Durley Beachbum