A new necklace and 2 nice outings!

Bonbon is a new necklace made in fine silver and copper. For more photos and information please click here.

In about a few weeks Jan and I participate in the Art Route in Aalsmeer, (a village near Amsterdam) in November we present  our jewelry on Sieraad in Amsterdam and  just before Christmas we have a show in a castle near Maastricht. You will find all tte information about these events above in the menu in Agenda.

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Interested in architecture?

Doopsgezinde kerk in Aalsmeer by architect JF Staal

Doopsgezinde kerk Aalsmeer

During the Heritage Days on September 14 and 15 architect Joop Kok gives guided tours in Aalsmeer, The Netherlands. That day several notable monuments such as the town hall (JF Berghoef) Baptist Church (JF Staal) and theVillage Church can also be visited inside.

For the full program, see: Kunst en Cultuur Aalsmeer

Highly recommended, Joop is a good friend of mine and I know from experience how enthusiastic he can tell about these monuments.

Textile Market in Rijswijk (near The Hague)

Textiel Markt Rijswijk

On Sunday, September 15th Museum Rijswijk organizes a major textile market. (from 12.00)

A large number of artists, designers and merchants presents their products. All the basics needed for felting, knitting, quilting and embroidery or finished products such as garments, scarves, hats, bags and jewelry.