A new design silver cuff links

The weather is still lovely!  I worked a lot in the garden the past weeks.  My herbs and salad garden has never been so beautiful. The timing is all wrong because the lettuce is just ready when we go on holiday … I hope the house sitter likes lettuce … otherwise there is allways the chickens who will love it.

Despite the beautiful weather we have done other things. There is a new design cuff link ​​and we had a photo session.

The ring below is in our collection for some time now. It is a diamond shaped ring inlaid with walnut. The ring looks rather large, once on the finger it is a very elegant shape.

diamond shape ring wood inlay

The shape of the diamond and the wood is repeated in these silver cuff links …

silver cuff links with wood inlay

And this is our PICASSO ring. In silver with plexiglass. I made the silver on top of the ring black on purpose so the bright colors would stand out even more.

big silver ring bright colors

If you like to have more information about our jewelry, please mail me at this address.
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The beautiful white flowers come from wild garlic.  When we were making photo’s of our jewelry the plant was in bloom. The leaves are edible and taste delicious!