A mobile pizzeria

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a truck like this coming through your street? Just once a week would do …

It’s pretty impossible not to gasp at the first sight of Del Popolo, a mobile pizzeria that features a 5000 ld Stefano Ferrara wood burning oven (capable of producing 72 pizzas) in a modern glass enclosed exhibition kitchen.

Mobile pizza truck

Del Popolo is a mobile pizzeria that roams the streets of San Francisco in search of hungry people in the mood for rustic, Neapolitan-inspired pizza.

pizza in a truck

Mastermind Jon Darsky travels in a twenty-foot transatlantic shipping container that’s been re-purposed and modified into a traditional pizza kitchen.

making pizza

A glass door exposes the interior, including a traditional Italian-made wood-fired oven.


This combination of portable pizza for the people, functional cookery, age-old technique and incredible design is pretty amazing don’t you think?

Del Popolo a mobile pizzeria