A fishing bobber in 14 karat gold

Above you see the extravagant and gorgeous necklace called Bobber.

The necklace is made up of elements that are inspired by a (fish) bobber. It is a somewhat older piece, my partner Jan Kerkstra has designed and made the necklace.

Very occasionally designing occurs in a natural flow, an idea that arises … but often it is a process that needs the big stick like a contest or an exhibition with a particular theme. The latter was the case with the necklace Bobber; an exhibition on the theme of water. The necklace is a daring and extravagant design in gold. Technically the Bobbers are almost impossible to make … that means a lot of work and in this case there is also much gold involved … so a valuable jewel … But very special and beautiful …

I just placed the necklace in our online store, click here for more pictures.