A fantastic week!

What did we do last week you ask? Making wedding rings!

Could it be that all of a sudden lots of people get married at the same time, or is it just a coincidence that we have so many orders for custom made wedding rings?
In any case we are quit busy making them …

Just finished … these robust silver wedding rings. A “river” the symbol for infinity, or in other words the continuous circle of life.

custom order silver weddingrings

One day Jan saw a painting of a newly married couple by Rembrandt. If you looked at the painting up close you could see the rings of the couple were pictured by two thin stripes of gold paint. Actualy no more than two vague sweeps.

trouwring 2 bandjes goud

This painting was the inspiration for these wedding rings, which we therefore named Rembrandt.

14 karate gold Rembrandt with a diamond

weddingring Rembrandt  gold with a diamant

We also have been searching for new shapes and forms this past week, a sterling silver pendant in the shape of a vase is coming along nicely …

Another wonderful thing what happened this week is the sale of this beautiful necklace of lapis lazuli …

lapis lazuli natural color

And to top it all off, after 3 years of searching we finally found a modern couch that we really liked and that is comfortable to sit on as well.

Here I am meditating what fabric I will choose for the upholstery. In the end we choose ocher yellow combined ​​with a beautiful melange light gray Tweed fabric! Oh and we ordered the legs of the couch in a mat black.

Marion Pannekoek

All in all a great week, wouldn’t you say?

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