A fantastic new bag and other things

Due to the nice weather, I biked a lot with the dogs.

After a wonderful long weekend with good weather Jan and I are now busy with preparations for Art Laren.

From Friday 13 through Sunday, June 15, 2014, we and our  jewelry will be on the beautiful brink of Laren. It is the first time Art Laren shows jewelry.  I am curious what next weekend will bring us … always exciting.
More info at: Art Laren

Marion Pannekoek short tunic by 13threads

Here I am standing by a pond, and while Jan took this photo, I was, as usual, terribly bitten by mosquitoes.
The short tunic I wear is my latest asset by 13threads. It wears just great and can be combined with truly everything. As you can see in the pictures I wear it all the time.

Last weekend we visited the Kruidhof  a beautiful large Botanical Garden.

Marion Pannekoek

Here I am about to to cross a small pond. It was not the nicest spot in the garden, but I wanted to show you this image because of the great shoulder bag. I am someone who always carries a book (s) with her, well in this bag pretty much everything will fit!

La Touchables

Please note the colored shoulder handles. They are made of different colored pieces of fabric and beautiful embroidery. The fabric on the inside of the bag is also gorgeous.

This bag is made by Dawn of La Touchables. Dawn is a collector of beautiful (old) fabrics, of these fabrics she makes bags in all shapes and sizes and also scent pads and bracelets (cufs).

Dawn also makes jewelry. Because not only does she collect beautiful fabrics, she also collects beads which are very special. Here is the link to her shop on Etsy: LaTouchables. Dawn also keeps a pretty neat blog which I am a fan of: laTouchablesandthings