5 Silver Wings

Hope you all had a good weekend? Me too thank you…

Finally Sunday the rain stopped and I worked a good part of the day in the garden. I replanted some stuff and gave horse manure to the flowers. Mmmm …

At the end of the afternoon Jan and I had a photo shoot of a few new pieces we made. Among them 5 sculptures called “Silver Wings”

Two weeks ago a customer placed this magnificent order. So Jan worked really hard and finished them the other day. All sculptures are made by hand so they are all slightly different from each other. They turned out beautiful don’t you think?

And there is yet another new brooch called “Knock on Wood”.
It’s made of a beautiful piece of cherry wood, silver and copper rivets.

I did not have time yet to place the brooch in the online store but there are a lot of other (new) brooches in there. Please click here to see them.